Happy Birthday to StickMUD (28 years old!)
2019-06-17 to 2019-06-19

StickMUD's Birthday is June 17th. To celebrate, we'll have an event, StickMUD style! Come join us in the festivities...

This event is open to everyone, though some parts may not be
good for the less experienced.

For this event, expect the following:

1) Depending on Admins, this event can be 1 or more days long.

2) Some events will be launched at the beginning of this event
and last the entire duration (i.e. 2x EXP, 2x Training, etc...).

3) Some events will be launched at random times during the entire
duration of the event (i.e. zombie apocalypse, pk event, etc...).

4) Holiday specific events will not be launched.

5) On June 17th, the random events will occur more frequently, starting again anywhere between 30 seconds to 4 hours after the last one ends.

6) On other days, if this event is started early and/or extended,
the events can occur anywhere between 6 - 12 hours after the
last one ended.

7) All rules, conditions and rewards for all events that are kicked
off are still in effect.