Iberia - Nabia celebrations
2023-09-27 to 2023-09-29

Nabia is the goddess of rivers and water, someone to pray to, to celebrate life and good bliss. For the duration of these celebrations, all barbarians will receive a boost on augur experience, individual combat gold and experience.

Iberia - Reue celebrations
2023-10-15 to 2023-10-18

Reve, Reo or Reue, are all names for the God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice. All barbarian tribes rejoice on this day, making sumptuous sacrifices and celebrations to honor the god of gods! All barbarians will receive a general boost for the duration of the celebrations.

Iberia - Armilustrium
2023-10-19 to 2023-10-19

Armilustrium is a festival in honor of Mars, the god of war. On this day the weapons of the soldiers are ritually purified and stored for winter, marking the end of the military campaigning season. Romans receive a general penalization during this day.