hello everyone! it’s claire from mystic adventure!

i would just like to say happy christmas to all mud players and people who are thinking about it!

mystic adventure mud has put up its christmas tree and maybe as the month goes on players will add extra decorations to it. i would invite you to come and visit and take a little look… as a new player you just go up 2 rooms from the starting room type “look tree” and just enjoy it

of course i think it would be lovely if you stuck around and tried out the game as well but i am happy to just share some of our christmas joy!!! if you see me or another player online and you would like some help then just ask… i enjoy meeting and helping new players :)

there are very likely to be quiz nights and other events leading to christmas too so please chck the in-game notes boards to learn more!!!!

Some background info About Mystic Adventure

Mystic Adventure has been in existence since the early 1990s, making it one of the earliest MUDs.

Created by four French Canadians, it has a unique international flavor. (FYI The descriptions and players generally use English. ) We have been known to many as one of the best Merc type muds around. Special guides and areas are available for new players and fair play is enforced.

The realm of Mystic consists of over 22000 rooms and 240 areas and was recently expanded to include a whole new continent. A richly entailed world with quests, clans, and a sophisticated thief poison systems means never being bored. Mystic is a mud with a base of 100 levels with special areas and perks for those who reach the top and are awarded HERO status. Immortals are picked from current players with no automatic advancement to imm level. Quests and sieges are routinely run and the primary goal is to make playing here a challenging and fun experience. Many players have been here for years testifying to the quality of our mud.

happy christmas!!!!

love claire :)

Iberia - Saturnalia
2023-12-17 to 2023-12-23

Saturnalia is a roman celebration to honour Saturn god, an agricultural diety, marking the end of the agriculture and religious year. For the duration of the celebrations, romans will receive a general boost.

Iberia - Epona celebrations
2023-12-18 to 2023-12-21

Epona is a celt goddess, protector of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Beside equines, she was also particularly a goddess of fertility but, above all, the protectress of the dead: a Mater who guides the souls to the otherworld. Lets all praise Epona and the growth of barbarian tribes, celebrating with large offerings and sacrifices! Barbarians will receive a general boost during these celebrations.