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Join a guild and learn the ways of a Bard, Fighter, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Thief, Healer or Priest. Challenge non-player characters to gain experience, advance level and maximize your stats. Train skills in both craft and combat aligned with your guild. Participate in frequent game-wide events to earn points exchanged for gold, experience or skill training. Heroes and villains alike are invited! Role play is optional and player vs. player combat is allowed in much of the game. Our diverse community of players and active game engineers are ready to welcome new players like you to one of the best text-based multi-player games ever!

Discord Server Invite Discord
Twitter @stickmud
Grapevine Name StickMUD
Server LDMud 3.6.6 (3.6.6)

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 7670


Port: 7680