From: Thraya Subject: Fall Festival is OPEN

Hey guys,

The Fall Festival is now OPEN. This is a smaller festival as it does not have a dedicated zone like Spring Faire or Winter Faire. This is more of an “outside” fair to Rock trees, Stir leaves and Choke the wild turkey that is on the loose.

A new addition to the Fall Festival is the Coin Exchange. The currency for this exchange is the beards that drop from the turkey. They can be Exchanged into a higher denomination before spent at the coin exchange. To reach the coin exchange, there is fall archways at New Lensmoor and Semdea.

There is an achievement for turning in a full beard to Me for participating in the turkey hunt: Gobble Stopper. Please mail me the beards, Or send me a tell. I’m happy to set this for you.

During the festival event - Custom certificates can be redeemed for the immortal spell: Dredor’s Compassion or Aleria’s Wrath. This will be taught to you, no certificates will be given.

If any players wish to run a Fall/Harvest themed event during the festival, please get with me, tell me your plan, etc. I will be happy to discuss the event, possible rewards, and even an achievement: Friend of the Harvest.

This fair will end on Sunday, December 1st at 10PM CST

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