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Lensmoor is a cross between a roleplaying mud, and a hack&slash mud. Players are encouraged to roleplay, and are often drawn into roleplaying situations, and efforts are made to reward good roleplaying, without the overbearing nature of many strict roleplaying muds.

We've been around for over two decades and have continuously added to both the content and design of the game over that time. We've got over 300 custom zones to explore, RP tools, combat tricks, quests, and more custom codework (over 200,000 lines of code) than 99% of the games out there.

All players have the ability to craft, to build homes, start clans, and, at the top level, to create their own zone using the best tools available in a text game anywhere.

Please stop in, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Host: www.lensmoor.org
Port: 3500