Mystic Adventure will be hosting a series of other dragon-themed events this week and you are cordially invited to join us!.

There will be a barbecue at 2:00 pm Mountain Time (US) on Thursday 16th June 2022 which will include a variety of foods from around the game, expertly cooked to perfection by many of the games own dragons. dont worry there will also be a vegetarian option (Squee mushrooms) for those that do not eat meat.

later on thursday at 3:00pm Mountain Time (US) we will run a trivia quiz it will be basic dragon knowledge from Mystic, D and D, Magic the gathering and may be other sources/. there will be 25 questions, the top prize will be a dragon jar and 5 million gold, 2nd prize will be 3 million gold and dragon leggings, 3rd prize is 1 million gold and dragon claws.

Many of the games dragons will be carrying lots of extra money too which you can win frmo them if you can defeat them in battle. theaw include poor dragons, filthy dragons, dragon wizards, large dragons, white dragons, emerald dragons to suit a wide range of tastes and player abilities. if you are a new character on mystic you may need to gain some levels and get some decent armour first though as no dragon will be easily defeated and some of them can be really tough!! somteimes the only way to win is to attack ina group!

About Mystic Adventure

Mystic Adventure has been in existence since the early 1990s, making it one of the earliest MUDs.

Created by four French Canadians, it has a unique international flavor. (FYI The descriptions and players generally use English. ) We have been known to many as one of the best Merc type muds around. Special guides and areas are available for new players and fair play is enforced.

The realm of Mystic consists of over 22000 rooms and 240 areas and was recently expanded to include a whole new continent. A richly entailed world with quests, clans, and a sophisticated thief poison systems means never being bored. Mystic is a mud with a base of 100 levels with special areas and perks for those who reach the top and are awarded HERO status. Immortals are picked from current players with no automatic advancement to imm level. Quests and sieges are routinely run and the primary goal is to make playing here a challenging and fun experience. Many players have been here for years testifying to the quality of our mud.

i hope you will give it is try and dont forget to say hi to squee the elf druid or claire the cleric if you see us on your travels :)

all the best!

squee (head chef and dragon wrangler)


claire (his trainee/assitant)

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