but what exactly is a squee? well its a rahter handsome green elven druid with big floppy ears, originating from the temple city of milarbor. (the green is a camoflage adoptation that he developed as he matured, as squee is usually found in forests and caves and other places with a lot of nature.)

anyway on october 7th it will have been exactly 20 years since squee first joined mystic adventure mud. he may not be the first of his kind but he has become extremely wise and knowledgable understands every classs in the game,. he is friendly and helpfull and has always been very kind to me and other newer and less skilled players.

so we are marking the day with a get together of players to celebrate. i hope you will be able to attend. things happening during the day:

  • show of your skills against other playser on the battlefield (a game of tag version is also available for non-lethal fun if you are not much good at fighting or it isn’t yuor theme)

  • show your brainyness in the trivia quiz starting at 4pm mountain time

  • buffet in the new players’ academy entrance with a variety of dishes from around the realm, many of them cooked the by master chef squee himself running throughout the day

  • guided nature tours of milarbor and the clan area of the brotherhood of the pointy stick, see the place where the founders of that clan saved the town and the famous legend began

i hope some new peolpe show up and it will be a great reunion and have a lot of fun for those who participate!!

Some background info About Mystic Adventure

Mystic Adventure has been in existence since the early 1990s, making it one of the earliest MUDs.

Created by four French Canadians, it has a unique international flavor. (FYI The descriptions and players generally use English. ) We have been known to many as one of the best Merc type muds around. Special guides and areas are available for new players and fair play is enforced.

The realm of Mystic consists of over 22000 rooms and 240 areas and was recently expanded to include a whole new continent. A richly entailed world with quests, clans, and a sophisticated thief poison systems means never being bored. Mystic is a mud with a base of 100 levels with special areas and perks for those who reach the top and are awarded HERO status. Immortals are picked from current players with no automatic advancement to imm level. Quests and sieges are routinely run and the primary goal is to make playing here a challenging and fun experience. Many players have been here for years testifying to the quality of our mud.

i hope you will give it is try and dont forget to say hi to squee the elf druid or claire the cleric if you see us on your travels :)


Telnet mud.mystic-adventure.org 4000

all the best!

claire :)

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