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A world of adventure and magic awaits you in the Fairy Garden. After generations of neglect, the elemental sprites have returned to infuse the earth with life and energy. But the forces of darkness still linger, plotting to retake the world and turn it into a barren wasteland.

Choose from 12 races, including fairies, merfolk, dragons, vampires, and more, and develop your character to your heart's content. Explore over 20 multiplanar areas, each with its unique challenges and opportunities, from the Malvoisin Mansion to the moon plane of Lunara. Create your custom player housing, in any style or location, upon request. You're sure to find endless possibilities to shape your character's journey.

And while there's currently no system for PvP, factions wishing to engage in more violent scenes may do so within the limits of roleplay, and if a wizard deems it worthwhile, it may affect the world in a more permanent way. Join us today and experience mystical immersion in the Fairy Garden!

Note - the Fairy Garden does feature and encourage adult themes, and should therefore only be explored by persons 18 years or older in age.

Grapevine Name tfgmush
Server PennMUSH 1.8.8p0

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Port: 3349