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A chill, *heavily* nsfw post-apocalyptic new world with fantasy, cyberpunky, sci-fi and few other themes mixed

The good old 'World wars ending the world and a fresh new world being born from the ashes' type of thing, added into that are fantasy elements, cyberpunkesque at certain places, sci-fi techyness and other things that provides freedom of creation overall and they are sort of made to get-along well in the theme. Main focus is to have fun and RP despite having a more unforgiving fast combat focus when it happen, PK/PvP exists though it is optional... Though it's overall chill and OOC area exists, it is crucial you keep the illusion of fantasy by roleplaying when in the game world. The name of the mud is out of a song's name cause why not.

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Grapevine Name secretoflife