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Realm of Shadows was founded in 7-2001 and made its online debut in 2 Feb 2002. Since its arrival to the online scene it has grown and evolved into a unique game play experience set within a world of magic and monsters. What you become is up to you, some people are deadly assassins that do nothing other than wait for unsuspecting victims and then strike. Perhaps you could become a merchant, you would search the realm for unique and powerful items that are randomly generated and then trade or make a profit off them. Some players will become brave mortals who will take on any quest the quest master will give them, and perhaps even some of them will ascend into immortality! The possibilities are endless. Explore thousands of rooms hacking and slashing your way through various creatures to climb to the top of the food chain. Thousands of random items can be found all over the game! After being offline for nearly 5 years, Realm of Shadows has returned to pick up where it left off. Join us today!

Realm of Shadows Features - * Multiclassing (Dual and Triple Classes can be elected) * God based follower system. * 3 types of automated quests. * Random item system. * Player score boards * Progressive experience levels. * Classes with multiple tiers. * 95% original areas. * Newbie friendly. -- (Players are prompted upon creation, will have flag until 10th level) ---- Corpses will pop next to player in death room. ---- Reduced damage in NPC combat. ---- Experience point bonuses. * Stat training. * Stat rerolling upon creation. * Unique skills and spells. * Fourth class that levels up by completing quests! * Several unique quests to complete!

Twitter @realmofshadows_
Grapevine Name rosmud
Server Smaug 1.4a (Heavily Modified)

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Port: 1133