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Classic turn-based combat meets modern game design in a giant procedurally generated world. Hack and slash your way to victory with the JRPG-inspired turn-based combat system, or build the farm of your dreams and craft your way to success. Open-ended character customization and use-based skill progression make for endless character builds to experiment with.

• Enjoy casual gameplay, simple mechanics, and a fun, friendly, cooperative environment
• Crawl dungeons, discover randomized loot and equipment, or craft and enchant your own
• Build a farm, breed livestock, and produce goods to enhance or profit
• Craft weapons and armor, brew potions, build a shelter, go fishing, or dig for buried treasure
• Hire a mercenary, summon powerful elementals, or raise an army of the dead
• Become a titan of industry by selling your goods at your own shop or the auction house
• Over 150 combat abilities and 10 crafting skills for endless play style options

Fast character creation and a few quick interactive tutorials will teach you the basics and have you playing quickly. Come enjoy a new casual PvE experience and make your mark on the world.

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Grapevine Name procrealms
Server Custom

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 3100


Port: 3000

Online Players

Admin Magistradala Gloriaela Rygaronoo Dovrulira Evalocela Claricela Driverter Paulortor Kurtainon Grafutor Locasutra Zillah Philomela Fadrastea Serendata Chariot Spacefrag Justarius Correne Elaina Herana Karren Layomie Learrial Sairtith Talhinal Tezinous Viviana Cryptatea Scarlet Nephipephi Grumpoaliun Varceth Smittens Isaac Mortel