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Herm World MUSH

Have you ever wondered what a world would be like where there were no men? Or, for that matter, a world without women? Some might argue that such a place could never exist. Since there would be no way to procreate. Yet, those scholars might miss out on the possibility. Science teaches us that some species of animals are both. Male, and female. Hermaphrodites. Neither male, nor female.

Such a world could not exist correct? ... Wrong. One does exist. The world known as Dualitatem. In this land there are no males, or females. Only that perfect creature. That mix of both male, and female. The hermaphrodite. How this land came to be is quite a story. Full of magic, wishes, hopes, a teenage girl, and a Dark Goddess. And the leaving behind of what was. And the creation of what could be.

"Herm World MUSH" is primarily an adult oriented mush. Catering to those interested in the lesbian, or herm, lifestyle and RP. It is a world where what might be, has become. And what will be has yet to be written. Are you interested? Perhaps intrigued? Then feel free to stop by. At the very least, you might enjoy the best of both worlds...

Herm World MUSH


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