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If nothing exceeds like excess, Daedal Macabre is the MUD for you! We are classified as a Gigantic size MUD, with 95% of it being completely customized. We have 10 main races, and over 60 sub-races(not including remorts, and unlockable races). We also have six main classes to choose from, with a diverse array of sub-classes, as well(not including reclasses).

If customization is your name, we are your game! Our MUD features an intricate forging system that dosen't exist on many of the MUDS that exist, to this day. A few of our classes(ex. Monk/Psionicist) have been completely created, and vamped by our Administration.

Due to recent technical problems we've had, plus a lack of communication by our staff, we currently have a low player base. If you are looking for a MUD to call home, I suggest you swing by and give us a shot! Everyone who plays is generally helpful, and we try our very best to be sensitive to new players. Though I must mention, that playing Daedal Macabre is relatively simple compared to some other MUDs, out there.

Another feature that I'm quite proud of personally, is the ability to help expand the game with notes, and serious inquiries. We are always looking to get better. Don't worry, we don't look down on creative imput, and constructive criticism; so your opinion and ideas matter, and count to us.

The TRUE question is... Why are you still sitting here, reading this description? Get out there, and experience Daedal Macabre for yourself!

Grapevine Name daedal

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Port: 9000