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Alter Aeon is a fantasy world of adventure and untold possibilities. Ours is an enormous, fantastic world to explore! We have thousands of quest to complete and tens of thousands of enemies to defeat!

Play as a combination of:
* A mage, master of elemental magics and offensive spells.
* A cleric, master of healing, protection, and curses.
* A thief, master of shadow and cunning.
* A warrior, master of weaponry and advanced battle tactics.
* A necromancer, master of undead and demonic forces.
* A druid, master of runes and nature.

You can play as a mighty paladin, a ruthless villain, or anywhere in between. Become the hero you choose to be at Alter Aeon, where every day is an adventure!

Grapevine Name alteraeon
Server Alter Aeon v2.25

Ways to Connect


Port: 3000