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Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. This next phase in humanity's existence not only defines the future, it has shaped the past.

We enter into a new era for our world. After tumultuous times steeped in hatred, during which nearly all of mutantkind was wiped out, the good conscience and efforts of a small few changed the past to better the present. We have, for now, averted the new holocaust that would have been - and repaired many mistakes made.

Humanity struggles still to come to grips with the reality that mutants exist among them, even decades after having seen one try to kill President Nixon, and another save him from that fate. Inquiries persist into the safety of society as the mutant population grows in diversity and number. Within the halls of power, there are whispers of cataloguing mutants and even taking measures amounting to segregation.

With only two individuals remembering the change set about by Nixon's averted assassination and Bolivar Trask's downfall, this is a precarious moment in history. Professor Charles Xavier has done what he can to negate problems from the prior timeline, but as the term Mutant Registration Act is muttered, fears linger that the cycle of discrimination and eventual slaughter was merely delayed. Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants are publicly outspoken about the menace to mutantkind, growing more aggressive and desperate by the day as they lose hope in the power of civil discourse.

The present. A new and uncertain future for both man and mutantkind. Will it be as bright as was hoped, or will it merely lead us back to the past we tried to change?

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