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Your class will determine your initial set of spells and/or skills. Your race may as well, in addition to determining which hometown you will start out in. You can gain nearly unlimited levels. Eventually you can even expand your abilities by multiclassing. Join quests to explore the areas and lore of the realm, or help others for rewards.

This hack-and-slash classic Circle/Diku 90's MUD has been enhanced with modern technology. We also highly encourage roleplaying -- play your character! Our main priorities are improving player experience and game-play, feedback is highly welcome.

We feature a Mudlet UI with built-in maps and tabs for objects and chats. Visually impaired users are welcome to try our new enhancements to improve accessibility and reduce text spam, and in-game sounds and music have been added as part of this effort.

A sophisticated crafting system is also currently in development, with some features available to preview.

Discord Server Invite Discord
Twitter @WoPMUD
Grapevine Name WoP
Server CircleMUD

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 6943


Port: 6969

Online Players