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Whispers of Times Lost is a medieval fantasy mud designed around a custom world unlike any other. Roleplaying is highly encouraged. Balanced classes and races promote fair play and a challenging environment for our players.

With twenty four races, ten classes, and over 400 skills and spells, Whispers of Times Lost allows players to truly customize their characters abilities.

Quest style races are available in the form of werewolves and vampires, and our hero point system keep players interest in progressing in both renown and power once they reach max level.

Special roleplay monitors award experience to those who prefer to roleplay, and our safe and active systems in regards to PK allows those who wish to remain peaceful to do so, while still providing a challenging environment.

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Grapevine Name WOTL
Server Smaug

Ways to Connect


Host: wotl.vineyard.haus
Port: 3000