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Centuries ago, the human King Idros Kelethrin and the elfen Queen Elwil Nirnlothien fought against the armies of the demon highlord Surtan, the Lord of Chaos. The King and Queen had initially met years earlier when he was but a mere Prince immediately smitten with the then-newly-crowned elfen queen's beauty.

Over time, Idros' wit and charisma enthralled Elwil, and the two eventually wed. As the years passed all it took was a mere glance at his queen's face to put an end to Idros' otherwise legendarily fiery tempers sparing many lives from the King's Justice.

One day, while attending a diplomatic meeting with potential allies from a far-off land, Idros and Elwil were forced to draw blade, when the lead envoy revealed himself and his party as Surtan, having set foot on the mortal plane once more after eons banished to the Abyss.

Weakened physically and mentally by the battle, Idros fell to Surtan's demonic charms, in spite of Elwil's best efforts, and thus Queen Nirnlothien was forced to employ the Old Magicks to lock Idros' soul beyond the Divine Gate, where neither she nor Surtan could easily reach.

Her husband's fresh corpse behind her, and raw emotion fueling her, Elwil took up her husband's blade, and battled the demon lord, steadily beating Surtan back, and finally cleaving the demon lord's head from his shoulders in one fell swoop.

With the major threat handled, attention turned to the remaining demonic hordes. The castle guard, with help from the Pentad of Tyrene, the mages' guild, quickly dispatched the lesser demons.

The battle hard-fought and won, Elwil took her husband's corpse back across the Shattered Sea to the human capital of Dorthimlond, and left him in the care of the clergymen there, before returning west to Thyscalen, the elfen kingdom of her birth. There she proceeded to sequester herself in mourning. While she still loved her King, Elwil could not bear to see him in his present state.

Legends say that Queen Elwil spent the rest of her existence in isolation wishing--and finally receiving--an end to her immortal life, if only to be reunited with her love.

Over the years, as the legend of Idros and Elwil faded from memory, whispers began to subvert fact with fiction: In Dorthimlond it was said that Elwil slew Idros not out of mercy, but outright for her own gains. Across the sea, whispers abound that Idros' own volition, not Surtan's charms, drove him to make an attempt on his Queen's life.

What part will you play in the Tales of Aetherium? Will you seek glory, hoping to mark your name in the annals of history like that of Idros and Elwil, or will you resign yourself to the mundane life of a craftsman, or find some in-between walk of life?

All this and more lies at your fingertips.

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