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The Forest's Edge (TFE) is a text adventure designed in a fantasy setting. You must make your way through a dangerous world where civilization is confined to a few small villages and the occasional feudal enclave. In this largely lawless world, you can achieve great glory through works of good, or become infamous through unprecedented atrocities. How you fit in to this world depends largely on your choices of race, alignment and class.

The races of TFE are sundered into two major factions, light and dark. The light races - Dwarves, Elves, Ents, Gnomes and Halflings - tend toward good alignments. The dark races - Goblins, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls and Vyans - tend toward evil. Straddling the fence are the Humans, who can be any alignment, and the Lizardfolk, who remain neutral, apart from the doings of the mammals.

Each class, or profession, is a specialist, and, at their main task, they are very powerful indeed. However, they rely upon each other to make up for their shortcomings in other areas. For example, the warrior is the most robust and can take staggering amounts of physical damage, but his recovery is terribly slow without the healing powers of a cleric. A mage to transport the group, a monk to decimate the ranks of the enemy, a ranger to bring beasts to hand, a paladin to cure the weak, a thief to clear away traps without exception, every class reaps more benefit by joining a group of complementary classes.

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