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Medieval fantasy theme, grind to boost stats with rare gear and remorts. Botting legal. RP not enforced.

The Forest's Edge is a medieval fantasy themed MUD focused on improving your characters stats (e.g. strength, damroll, etc.) through remorting and upgrading your equipment/gear. The world is large and contains diverse and challenging zones ranging from hack-n-slash to interesting puzzles. Light questing.

There are many rare items/gear to find. Gear augments/enchantments possible: for example a "necklace of troll bones" can become a "necklace of troll and ogre bones" boosting additional stats by a Druid applying an augment to the original necklace using a "heavily-gnawed [ogre] femur". Mages can enchant weapons to increase damroll permanently.

Long established and helpful community - many players are focused on building the best and most efficient bots. Game contains RP features but are lightly used and not enforced/just for fun. Community run Wiki contains a wealth of information about how to play the game:

Discord integration: two way communication, chat into the game (including private group and clan channels) using the Discord app on your phone.

GMCP is supported. Built-in ASCII map and Mudlet mapper options available:

Discord Server Invite Discord
Grapevine Name TFE
Server Custom, TFE

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 3999


Port: 4000