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StarMUD has over 30 years of history and is a completely original code-base.

Primarily Sci-Fi in focus, StarMUD offers more than 50 races/sub-races with new races, hardcore and non-hardcore, being added over time. There are currently 9 different professions that one can join with over 25 different sub-professions. This provides an extremely large amount of character combinations that can be created between the various races/sub-races and professions/sub-professions.

Despite the low population (varies between 3-15 or so depending on the time) the players that do play on StarMUD are very knowledgeable and friendly, if not just a little bit weird, and are willing to help newbies get their footing with the game.

StarMUD runs on a skill based system in which the more you use a skill the better that skill becomes with no limits as to how high you can raise your skills. Players can also raise their statistics which feed into the skills and vice versa by way of potentials. Potentials allow you to raise your statistics with cheaper cost (no xp and a refund on 25% of the credits used) and are gained through questing and by use of your skills. Players can even increase their skills by learning from more advanced players.

If you are looking for a MUD very deep mechanics with a skill and statistic based leveling system then we highly recommend giving StarMUD a try.

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Port: 4000