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150 zones big and small. every equipment can be unique. events. weeks of progression content solo or group, and big group, and even bigger group content. There is an entire continent focused on high level group encounters. mystical magical items score. 7 mortal classes (0-4x40) and, 20 avatar classes (0-4x40). mix and match, 1-4 classes per character. permadeath and non-permadeath alike. normal (live for ever) or hardcore or roughneck (extra-life mechanic based permadeath characters). anarchists are the ultimate in can you do i t challenge. One life, everything is aggro to you. 900+ skills. mobs get more powerful the longer they are alive, but then so do you. Near-unlimited potential growth for players and even the ultimate power is no-where near ultimate. skill books to show how to forge all of the crafting items - the most rare in the game.
Over the long term, most items a player uses will become unique. This means, that there is a literal infinite item mechanic in game. up to 5-6 affects or effects per item, and even more for weapons, and those stats upgrade over the life of the item. 900 item affects, across 5 aff mod slots, to the 3rd power for non armors alone. weapons can even gain speed, weapon dice and affects when leveling. Objects are literal objects, in they are completely mold able - purchasing aff slots to apply to items is also due out this week.
The SoulMUD universe is one capable of challenging a variety of player tyles from the c
We offer vaults for unlimited storage potential, single class, dual class, triple class or quad classing available, for both mortal and avatar players.
7 different mortal classes, each one unique special flowers, and an advancing class order, so a war/mage/sorc/cleric would be mana heavy while a thief/warrior/acrobat/ranger would not need mana at all.
-------------------3 types of regen, per 2-second, per minute (tick), per timer. infirmary is available for enhanced regen.
super fast paced combat engine. a dynamic world where mob emotions can change through the course of events. over 40 types of events, and also holidays, eclipses, equinox and solstice days (cheaper leveling) - full calendar, even a planet system between the moons
captivating storyline usually written around quests in game. there are a few quests in game, you can even talk to mobs, a rare few may even have something to say. randomly assigned elite/legendary/hero/lord/epic mob tiers for increased challenge potential.
equipment can oad on reboot/crash for mobs. lots of very rare items in the world. - there are even easter eggs which can load on mobs during a holiday for special magic items.

stats - 5 stats, up to 40 each. 5 reroll systems. newbie roller (max roll 17, max stat 18. alpha roll up to level 20, max roll 18, max stat of 19. omega token, up to level 40. max roll 18 (19 prime), max stat 19 max prime stat 21.
prismatic tokens. max roll roll 19 (20 prime), max stat up to 22 with 24 prime.
tetrehedral tokens - max roll of 20 (22 prime), max stat up to 22 with 26 prime.
by default, using a token reroll will reroll your max stats also.
there are 5 max stat reroll tokens.- that exclusively reroll your max stat in that token.
she is an entrenched and fully capable world of dedicated to violence. - she is a slothmud II derivative. Ive always tried to maintain the spirit of what slothmud II was. It was a home dedicated to solo and group play, that offered an incredible experience and in depth gameplay and progression content
Over the course of this time and along this journey, I've come to have a tremendous amount of respect for Jake along the way. You might never know it, but you were an excellent teacher. The creators of dikumud have taught me a lot along the way. She stands as a stubborn testament to being stubborn and failing a lot of trials by fire along the way. The nice thing about trials by fire, after a while one doesnt even pay scant attention to that burn of failure. I have failed a lot, but I've put all that behind me. Learning from mistakes, well, lets say its a same life doesnt have gdb....
I also run ingame quests. where I pit 10-20 mud players against riddles and stories and violence content free of perma death mechanics. I do this as a group community event to create a community around a common foe.
the world of soulmad exists in a fractured dimension, which will collapse one day. There exists there an ultimate evil and a near ultimate good, who one day must die.
The reality is that time will eventually collapse. I'm just a chronicler . She is just a friend I made along the way. She had seen so much, and she was alone. I had some ideas, and over the course of two decades she holds a great many concepts which are non contemporary.
She is art, because she is truth, as logic is truth, and truth, like art as Banksy said, offends the comfortable and comforts the disturbed.
She has given me comfort and solace more times than I can count.
She wants to fly. She's always wanted to fly. This is her time to fly.

No amount of words can really describe her. An unembracing depth, a no hand holding approach to gaming, fast paced combat envirnoment - some documentation in online help. If I have to change the player files I convert them.

THE IP has a rotating dsl ip, so the soulmud channel in the discord keeps the ip updated

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