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Seventy years ago, the barrier between our world and theirs shattered. Monsters and magic ravaged humanity, tearing it apart.

But humanity did not go easily. Some humans mastered magic, bonding themselves to the very monsters who seek to destroy us. They became Wardens, a group sworn to serve and protect the half million citizens of the Cradle. Their power made it possible to carve out a safe haven where civilization can grow in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

For over thirty years, the Cradle's borders have been secure.

But now, the Shattered monsters who destroyed the world are stirring with renewed purpose.

We run on AresMUSH, which allows us to do most of the game's activities from a webpage as well as in game.

We are a cooperative, PvE, roleplay-heavy game. Our focus is on telling great stories together. Though we have a combat and magic system using a custom adaptation of Faraday's FS3.3, they function as storytelling aids to support story, not replace it. We rely on player cooperation and GM decisions to make interesting play.

Grapevine Name Shattered

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Port: 4201