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Sanity's Edge is a cyberpunk genre mud set in the decaying center of Edge City.

Two sides of life are vividly depicted, the rich, opulent life of the corporations and the wretched squalor of the street. The year is 2045 and local politics have been effectively controlled by the corporations, led by the dominating Cybernetic Matrix Designs corporation. The glittering CMD building looms brightly at the center of downtown, but not far away the seedier aspects
of life hide in run-down apartment buildings and shadowy alleyways.

Street gangs stake out territory, and are always looking for more cannon fodder like you to join their ranks. Just remember, it's a war out there, and you never know when you might get caught in the crossfire. Crime is on the rise, and netrunners are the wave of the future, becoming the backbone of the crime scene with their intimate knowledge of the Net.

Safety has become a thing of the past; you may find yourself assaulted by a street kid with a switchblade or an irate shop owner with a sawed-off shotgun.

With a little luck and some smarts, you might fight your way to the top -- even into a corporate job. And then you'll only have one thing to worry about, your CredCard -- never leave home without it.

Grapevine Name SanitysEdge
Server CD

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 4040


Port: 2020