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SWmud is Star Wars-based mud under (more or less) continuous development since 1994. It features 11 guilds, 32 playable races, over 40 planets and space stations, and around 20,000 rooms to explore.

The game is combat-focused, but does include several options for advancement other than tradition "ground pounding" combat: Pilots may fly and fight in a 3D space system, merchants may build corporations, and several other guilds may do custom missions for experience and other rewards. Player killing (PVP) is optional, but the PK system is fast-paced and rewards skill.

The website is hopelessly out of date, but the staff is currently concentrating on modernizing the lib - a major patch was released in April 2020, and a second balance patch is in the works - and the website will follow later. For now, for the latest info about the SWmud, please log in.

Grapevine Name SWmud