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It is twenty years after the Battle of Yavin. The Imperial Remnant has retreated to the Remnant of Space, far off in the Outer Rim. But, still strong and focused, it seeks to free the galaxy from the chaos of the New Republic and inflict Order once more on existence and bring a firm boot to heel and guidance to the galaxy once more. The New Republic is warily trying to rebuild itself after years of constant warfare, to try and bring prosperity back to the galaxy at large and it's own territory. The Sith are based out of Korriban, playing events indirectly off one another to their own benefit and power, and the Jedi operate out of Yavin IV, the guardians of peace.

Star Wars Rebirth is a game where constant and strife are at large but not open and direct. The New Republic and Empire fight and skirmish along the border, eying one another warily and the Jedi and Sith try to disrupt the games of one another. Plots, intrigue, romance and action as smugglers try to make a (dis)honest living, fleets and armies ready themselves for war, and the citizens of the galaxy hope for a break from the near endless strife of the last century. Will a period of peace break out to wider war once more or will the galaxy have a chance to collect it's breath and renew itself? Will it be under the peace of the New Republic, the Order of the Empire, or the manipulations of the Sith? Help make the story and setting in a game where you can influence galactic events and play out a galaxy on the edge, whether of sliding to a period of untold prosperity or back to the brutality of galactic warfare.

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