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Star Wars MUSH: A Galaxy Divided is set in the years following the events of Return of the Jedi and follows its own, unique, story line.

When the game went live in 1991, the Empire had fractured into warring fiefdoms, retreating into the outer rim while the Rebel Alliance established the New Republic, an unstable fledgling democracy with many challenges ahead.

Today, the year is 32 ABY. The galaxy finds itself in a cold war of sorts between an expanding Imperium and stagnating New Republic. But the Imperium shows signs of possibly growing beyond its means. Will growth continue or will this new Imperial power begin to fracture.

Whether you choose to join the New Republic and fight for freedom, pledge yourself to the Imperium and bring order to the galaxy, build a business empire in the Corporate Sector, develop culture on Caspar or carve out your own niche as an Independent there's a place for you.

For thirty years, players on Star Wars MUSH have added their story lines to the Star Wars saga.

Why not join them?

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