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"Face it you Fraggers, Denver is a sub-divided, pain-wracked, schizophrenic, self-serving, epileptic, sado-masochistic haven for the divinely warped. And I love each and every one of your bitter, thrice damned souls." - Right Reverend Donald R. Byrne, Street Samurai

Shadow run: Denver is a long running MUSH set in the world of Shadow run, a near future, dystopian hellscape reminiscent of Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2020 and Deus Ex. Shadowrun, however, comes with a twist. In the early 21st century, following decades of turmoil, the world awakened. Magic has returned, and with it magical races such as Orks, Dwarves, Trolls and Dragons. This fusion of high-tech cyberware, magic, hacking and crime is what sets the world of shadowrun apart.

Your character is a shadowrunner- someone who operates to make a living in the less than legal realm, working as deniable assets for a corporation, committing grand larceny, corporate espionage, clandestine surveillance, smuggling, murder- anything in the name of making money, contacts and getting by in this shattered world.

Denver is a city divided, split into segments of the splintered united states to act as a hub of trade and commerce between the disparate nations of the UCAS- Yankee and Canadian territory, CAS- confederate states- Ute, Sioux and Pueblo Corporate Council- Native American nations with newfound geopolitical and socioeconomic power as a result of the awakening and Aztlan- the theo-techno state encompassing much of central America. Where these nations collide, opportunities for shadowrunners are rich, and risks many.

Shadowrun: Denver MUSH is well established, with extensive character generation, cyberware, gear, magic and matrix systems. It features a large grid, with opportunities for player-driven expansion by spending hard earned nuyen on private buildings. Roleplaying is the main goal, with incentives in the form of karma (experience) rewards for roleplay, as well as for running or participating in plots. There is also an extensive wiki and helpful players to help people new to the theme or the rules of shadowrun to learn the ropes.

Shadowrun: Denver operates on the 3rd edition of the Shadowrun rules, with some houserules to help adapt it for use in a persistent MUSH environment.

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Port: 1999