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Prophecy: The MUD is a huge world (+121 original areas) run on heavily modified ROM 2.4 code. Prophecy's content and gaming style is based on the David Eddings fantasy book series The Belgariad and The Malloreon. The books serve as the basis for a character's race, class, and initial alignment. The game is a natural for roleplay, yet also provides opportunities for restricted player killing. A friendly player base and clans dedicated to new player support make Prophecy the perfect beginner's gateway to MUDs. There is auto-questing to earn customizable gear, in-game currency, and other rewards. Also, unique mini-quests can be found in many areas. Prophecy is ideal for those wishing to relive the glory days of ROM MUDs as well as beginners in search of that perfect first game.
Connection information: port 4000

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Port: 4000