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Prometheus is a space-based, constantly-changing MOO with lots of activities and a friendly staff. You can fly starships, complete missions, deliver important items, participate in roleplay events, and so much more!

Twitter @prometheusmoo
Grapevine Name Prometheus
Server LambdaMOO-ToastStunt 2.7.0_29+Stormblade

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 7777


Port: 2223

Online Players

Zilch Deep blue Designation Ilsa Silver Designation Anabelle Wilder Lisa Blue Designation John Grey Designation John Tully Blaine Argon Grandma Myrtle Bunz Max Adamson Emmanuelle Whitehawk A friendly dragon with leather black wings and emerald eyes Meela Hersh Rhyme Green Designation Abigale Claybourne Zerian Bright orange Designation Joshua Tyton Sarabelle Tyton Roberto Cortez A large Fluffy creature Shauntell Cramston Kaitlin Alexander Rooki Black Designation Jenni Kent John Stark Asher Jericho Olivia Jackson Daphne Krobb Jack in the Box Jack Brooks Marcus Shields Jordan Blackheart Saerai Crimson Designation Leyah Moralez Felicity Espar Logan Black Designation Trask Ruby-Red Designation Morgan Blackstar Scott Madison Elizabeth Scott