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Enter a world that is dark, gritty, and harsh. Chances are you'll kill and be killed many, many times! There is a huge selection of standard weapons and armors; there are also a large variety of guns, lasers, flame-throwers and plasma weapons. Ah yes, that's right, you can Player kill here. Outlaws are welcome to kill other Outlaws within limits. If you're a Freeman, you can go along your business killing with little fear of the Outlaws. Be warned, Outlaws can steal your kills and your hard-earned loot.

Nuclear War MUD is based upon the CyberPunk theme; you won't find any friendly elves, bards, and fairies here. Prepare yourself to gain much needed experience points fighting mutants, droids, soldiers, and many others. With time you'll have the opportunity to pledge allegiance to one of our five gangs: the cyber-based Hackers, the almighty Inquisitors, the ass-kicking JetScreamers, the honorable Tenno, and the secretive Undergrounders. You decide which gang fits your needs and do battle against the many minions of the Multi-Corporations.

Ever wonder what a Post-Nuclear War, post apocalyptic 25th century would look like? Our version may or may not be reality; come and find out for yourself...

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Grapevine Name Nuke

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Port: 4080