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The Network is an episodic multi-themed game with an underlying meta plot set in an alternate universe modern day world where The Network, a massive multimedia conglomerate provides only the finest quality programming to audiences around the globe and beyond.

You do not know who you were before you signed your contract with The Network. All you know is that you signed over your past life, your memories, the experiences that made you who you are for a set period of time during which you have agreed to perform as an actor in whichever programs The Network deems a best fit for you. You have been relocated to a closed, secure community, where you reside with other actors all going through the same shared experience. You are given everything you need for a comfortable life within the dome and are guaranteed a very generous sum of money for your tenure as an employee of The Network. Of course, you were not entirely informed of what that entails, exactly.

Characters on The Network create an actor who lives within this secure community who, each new season, is completely and wholly immersed in the life and personality of a character within that season's show. One season, they may find themselves in Valhalla fighting to prevent Ragnarök. Another season, they may find themselves as a conservationist working in an undersea laboratory. Each season is a new story (or a return to a popular season if the players vote to bring one back for another round) with new goals and new adventures.

Only on returning to the dome after each season, do they regain the cumulative memory of themselves as an actor, and each season that they experienced. There, they try to make sense of the ever-growing number of lives that they accumulate.

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