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NeonMOO is a MUD set in an alternate-history present day North America, in the city of Arnold Island, D.C., capital of the COS.

Known for its smoggy air in the Banks and the glittering edifices on the island proper, simply called "Downtown", Arnold Island is, like the COS as a whole, tightly held in the grip of unchecked corporate power, most prominently the Arnold Island Neon Sequestration Company, Inc., and in the grip of unchecked state power, administered by WARD.

So where do you fit in? Will you fight your way to the top of the pile to that shining office in the sky? Or will you stalk the streets, preying on the poor and the foolish? Or will you take up arms and bring the fight to WARD, breaking their iron grip on the people?

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Grapevine Name NeonMOO
Server LambdaMOO 1.8.3

Ways to Connect

Secure telnet

Port: 7778


Port: 7777

Online Players

Mitsuko Miranda Frida McAllister Crisis