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The theme has brought together the timelines of most of the Megaman games and melded it into one complete story. Four major factions fight for the fate of the world:

Repliforce (Led by General, a group of reploids who serves the official defense force of the world), The Maverick Hunters (Led by Dr. Light and Rock (Megaman, X), an elite gathering of reploids that work outside of government regulations), The Mavericks (Led by Sigma, a group of reploids infected by the Maverick Virus, causing them to have an uncontrollable hate for mankind), and the Robot Masters (Led by Dr. Wily and Bass (Forte), a group of androids built by Dr. Wily, who is bent on world domination.). Along with these four factions, the fifth faction, the Civilians, consists of humans, androids, and reploids, with functions ranging from regular citizen, to Secretary-General of the UN, to a member of the Yakuza, to an elite Strider.

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