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Imagine a high fantasy world with active gods and powerful magics. As the ragged edge of oblivion approaches, the unknowable horrors from the ocean depths awaken to enslave all. Shadow demons from shattered lands beyond the veil invade to destroy all life.

A powerful Sorcerer offers his people protection but his iron grip brokers no freedom for those living in his kingdom. The cult of an ancient evil has taken root among the Dwarves of Lamorth and their council is unprepared to handle the crisis. The haughty Dawn Elves arrive to fight for their goddess, but they can't set aside their persecution of the Dusk Elves to focus on the impending war.

* Game code is based off Dawn 1.69s_beta5.
* No need for character approval from the game staff. Play and level up immediately!
* Roleplay is encouraged but not required.
* LoO is a PK-Free MUD.
* No permanent death. Return to life in your home city with your equipment nearby.
* Simple character creation and passive tutorials get you into the game quickly

Grapevine Name LoO