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Liberation MUSH is a A World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition-based role playing environment set in modern-day Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles is a difficult city to define. According to the literati who flocked here in the ’30s to disdainfully pen scripts for a resented paycheck, L.A. is a land of sinister lotus-eaters whose shadowy estates conceal secret depravities from the stoic gumshoes ferreting her secrets. According to the television and movies of the ’50s to ’80s, it is a land of sex-crazed blonde bombshells, power-crazed young executives and unbridled opportunity. It was described by the media of the 1990s as a vast wasteland of ghettoes, where vicious gangs struggle with each other among the ruins of riot-torn communities terrorized by a corrupt police force.

In the 21st century Los Angeles has emerged as a leading global city, with an ever swelling population of millions and untold billions invested in Pan-Pacific aspirations and soaring property values, where crushing homelessness, addiction, mental health epidemics, systematic inequality and racial violence collide with the nearly unimaginable wealth, power and privilege of its ruthless elites.

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