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Chronicles of Krynn is Dragonlance themed MUD set in Krynn during the aftermath of the War of the Lance. The game is role play encouraged, meaning we encourage people to role play but do not force them to. The game uses mainly Pathfinder 1st Edition rules, with some D&D 3.5e and 5e mixed in and is a fork of the LuminariMUD code base.

Please note that the MUD is in a beta state, meaning we are still fixing bugs and working out issues with our world, since the world was imported from another MUD with a greatly different system. You may have to deal with crashes, frequent code updates and reboots, and other issues. Note that if anything is lost as a result of a bug (gear, exp, money, etc.) we will reimburse, and do daily backups.

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Grapevine Name Krynn
Server LuminariMUD

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Port: 4300