Kallisti Mud Cover Image

One of the longest running, most feature rich MUDs in the world with decades of development. Kallisti boasts a massive original world, great atmosphere of players, excellent combat system including group formations, ranged combat, optional PK and arena PvP, extensive character customization, player lineages, clans, customizable player houses, item crafting, extensively customizable UI, Mud Sound Protocol, extensive blind player support, MSDP, MSSP, and so much more.

This is an amazing game that you could literally play for a decade and still discover more - you won't be disappointed!

To connect to Legends of Kallisti enter: #session LoK kallistimud.com 4000

Grapevine Name Kallisti
Server Original / Loosely Diku

Ways to Connect


Host: kallistimud.com
Port: 4000