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In the 3rd century BC, Rome started its conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, but focusing only their strength there after the end of Punic Wars. The invasion was progressing quite well. Consul Servius Sulpicius Galba though, who commanded the Roman troops in Iberia circa 150 BC, has betrayed Lusitanian people by offering peace and killing them in a massacre right after dropped their weapons. Very few escaped, among them their leader Viriathus, who joined the remaining Lusitan peoples in a war against Rome. Lusitanians cried with joy: even known as barbarians, they fought equally against Roman legions.

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In Game Events

2023-05-29 to 2023-05-29

Roman agricultural fertility rite in honor of Ceres. Farmers should lead a bull, or other animal, thrice around its fields, right before sacrificing it. Augur experience and army combat gold earnings are boosted in this period for Romans.

Trebaruna celebrations
2023-07-02 to 2023-07-02

Trebaruna goddess is the protectress of property, home and families,
which is worshiped by the entire barbarian tribes, even that under other names, making these celebrations one of the the most sacred ones throughout the year. All barbarians receive a great boost during this day (augur experience, army and individual...

Ludi Apollinares
2023-07-05 to 2023-07-12

Ludi Apollinares are solemn games in honor of the god Apollo. Not many years ago, when the first games where held in Rome, the City was invaded by the enemy. The attack was easily repelled and the victory was dedicated to Apollo, hence its name. Romans receive a boost in...

2023-07-23 to 2023-07-24

Neptunalia is a festival in honor of Neptune, as god of waters. It is
celebrated at Rome in the heat and drought of summer. Romans receive a boost in augur experience, army combat gold and experience.

2023-07-31 to 2023-08-03

Lughnasadh is a main celt festival, named after the god Lug, that marks the beginning of the harvest season. It involves great gatherings that include religious ceremonies, ritual athletic contests,
feasting, matchmaking and trading. Lets celebrate god Lug! All barbarians receive a considerable boost in all bonuses during this festival.

Ludi Romani ceremonies
2023-09-08 to 2023-09-18

The first war Tarquinius Priscus, the 5th King of Rome, engaged was with the Latins, by taking the town of Apiolae by storm. He returned with great amount of plunder than could have been expected and the games celebrated that year, in Rome, were with greater splendor and on...

Nabia celebrations
2023-09-27 to 2023-09-29

Nabia is the goddess of rivers and water, someone to pray to, to
celebrate life and good bliss. For the duration of these celebrations, all barbarians will receive a boost on augur experience, individual combat gold and experience.

Reue celebrations
2023-10-15 to 2023-10-18

Reve, Reo or Reue, are all names for the God of the sky, lightning,
thunder, law, order and justice. All barbarian tribes rejoice on this day, making sumptuous sacrifices and celebrations to honor the god of gods! All barbarians will receive a general boost for the duration of the celebrations.

2023-10-19 to 2023-10-19

Armilustrium is a festival in honor of Mars, the god of war. On this day the weapons of the soldiers are ritually purified and stored for winter, marking the end of the military campaigning season. Romans receive a general penalization during this day.

2023-12-17 to 2023-12-23

Saturnalia is a roman celebration to honour Saturn god, an agricultural diety, marking the end of the agriculture and religious year. For the duration of the celebrations, romans will receive a general boost.

Epona celebrations
2023-12-18 to 2023-12-21

Epona is a celt goddess, protector of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Beside equines, she was also particularly a goddess of fertility but, above all, the protectress of the dead: a Mater who guides the souls to the otherworld. Lets all praise Epona and the growth of barbarian tribes, celebrating...