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The Age of Heroes is gone, snuffed out before most people even knew it had come. It ended in the fire and fury of a global war - The Gene War - and the great purge that followed. It took earth's mightiest champions and in some ways the earth's hope. The worst, however, was yet to come.

"And behold, a black horse and he who sat upon it held a pair of scales in his hands."

Humanity’s judgement has come. It did not come with the end of the heroes. It did not announce itself with the thunder of war, nor the lightning flash of atomic fire as many thought it might. It crept in slowly and quietly, slipping through cities full of people too caught up in their own worlds to notice the silences and voids amid the bustle and din of life.

"And behold, an ashen horse and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hell followed him."

The genophage got into everything: air, water, soil. It spread to every corner of the globe. There was no cure. The result was not a tide of mass death but rather the absence of life. Birth rates plummeted. Schools shut, and the echo of children's laughter disappeared.

It has been twenty years since the last known live birth of a genetically human child. The only new people are mutants whose genetic X-factor seems to make them immune to the Phage. Most of those are clones or hybrids created from genetic material found in strange ‘arks’ hidden around the world. As the mutants rise again, so too do heroes wielding powers beyond the ken of mortal men.

Are these champions the guardians of a new era for Earth, or the harbingers of the final darkness?

"And behold, a white horse... and a crown was given to him, and he went forth as a conqueror."

The Age of Heroes may yet come again, if the world does not destroy itself first. Whichever happens, though, this much seems true:

These are the last days of humankind. ----- A few highlights of our game:

No Comics knowledge needed to play any character. All “Feature Characters” open. Always. OC Friendly. “Mashup” Friendly. “Legacy” Friendly. No activity requirements. ( System-Driven CharGen and upgrades: No need to wonder when you can have that power spike or that shiny thing you want. No need to worry about character ‘balance’. Traits-Style RP – Don’t want to use that system? Don’t worry. It’s not required and most of the RP doesn’t. Relaxed PRP rules. ( Regular Events. ( The world so far…

Fifty years ago, mutants were still something that everyone had heard of… but not everyone really believed in. The X-Men were part terrorist group and part underground heroes but mostly urban myth. Groups had just started lobbying for the idea of Mutant Registration when the problem seemed to solve itself.

The Gene War between Wakanda and Genosha pulled in every hero and villain known, and when the dust settled… they were gone.

Some are sure they died. Others think that maybe they went somewhere else. If anyone knows the truth, they aren’t talking. And after that, if there were any mutants? They kept quiet.

Thirty years ago, the World Health Organization noted a sharp decline in recorded births.

Twenty five years ago, they identified the Phage and that it was too late.

Twenty years ago was the last birth on record. We thought that was the end. Some argue, it was.

That same year, we found the first Ark. Each one a massive vault of thousands of people in suspended animation and stockpiles of genetic material for the creation of more. Except they weren’t homo sapiens. They were homo superior. Mutants.

Immune to the Phage, it looked like Mutants really would be the next step in our evolution. But homo sapien won’t go down without a fight.

The backdrop to our ongoing story is Chicago, and having a reason to either live or regularly visit will make finding RP easier. It’s not the only place things are happening though, and Players are invited to tell their story all over the globe.

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