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Fury is a full-featured, expansive player-vs-player MUD. The basic concept is an eternal struggle between good and evil. FuryMud features a total of 23 races (11 balanced per side, as well humans - which are playable on either alignment) and more than 400 skills and spells.

We have teamed with one of the industries most creative and artistic minds to bring Fury to the web, Eli 5 Stone. Besides being a gentleman and all around nice guy, he's amazingly talented. He has drawn for artists like Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Eminem (the Rapper), and for a while was the sole writer, penciler, and inker/artist for the comic book known as "The Tick". Before beginning to sketch, Eli met with us many times, discussing the concepts of the game, and unique components that could be addressed visually. He helped us create our logo, advertising artwork (for use on mudconnect), a large battle image representing 19 races, and a few stand alone pieces for the website. He asked great questions and had a real eye for detail. Eli understood our desire to make the website represent our rich and detailed textual world with bright, vibrant, compelling images that were customized to intricate components of what makes us unique. Be sure to check out our website's image gallery where Fury proudly shares these custom images with you; our players (desktop wallpaper for everyone!) - although obviously not for use on other websites or unauthorized use. We look forward to seeing you online.

Grapevine Name Fury

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Host: www.furymud.com
Port: 1234