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FieryMUD was originally based on copper gamma and completely concept initiated, hosted, coded and implemented by Chris Camacho as this C coding project that just went awry. He'd no idea some psychos would actually like it and play there all the time. As a result of his efforts in the face of an 'all frills or bust' mudding community he quietly kept running one of the oldest Diku muds on the internet.

After a massive hardware failure Scott Davis took a crack at vaguely more modern code. The original vision of FieryMUD was to create a challenging MUD for advanced players. This new reborn Fiery is a hope to bring back the goals of the past.

In 2012, Zzur decided to retire, handing the reigns over to Chinok, who has continued to build, update, and improve, with the help of Strider, Daedela, and a few others. 2022 has been a great year for FieryMud with a code base upgrade to C++, Discord integration, and too many new enhancements to list. Our small but dedicated player base are always willing to help.

We always enjoy inflicting certain death on unsuspecting players!!! FieryMUD will continue to grow and change through the coming years and those players who seek challenge and possess imagination will come in search of what the 3D world fails to offer them....

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Port: 4000