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- Grindless character progression that advances your character based solely on playtime, allowing you to do whatever you want to do each session and still advance at the same pace. No levels, no experience – instead you earn skill points at regular “intervals.”
- Flexible stat/skill system that allows you to build characters for whatever kind of archetype you imagine, without the restrictions of classes. Use traits to make characters stand out, with strengths balanced by flaws.
- Player housing and shops in the form of customizable “burrows” which every character can receive on their ninth interval. Basic customization is free, the tools and furniture for advanced customization must be traded for from artisans.
- Player-versus-player combat governed by guidelines in the service of roleplay. All good stories need villains and conflict, and we encourage you to provide them, so long as good faith and maturity are maintained.
- Fully player-driven economy in which characters are expected to specialize in just a few things, and provide one link in an entire supply chain around which they make their living. Players will craft, barter, trade, steal, burgle, and even mint their own currencies.
- Organic factions developed from characters with ambitions and others willing to follow them and help them pursue their goals. Burrows can be used as faction bases and resources are spread across the map to give people land to claim.
- Accessibility. In the tradition of MUDs we take accessibility seriously and want our game to be playable by anyone. While we are not quite there yet, we do intend to include support for people with hearing, visual, and physical impairments.
- A huge open world to explore. For our open alpha, we are currently running on a smaller, temporary map. Once we enter beta, we will progressively unveil areas of our planned larger map, complete with ruins of an ancient civilization, multiple biomes, and plenty of landmarks to explore and resources to pursue.
- A friendly and welcoming community that’s ready to teach you how to play the game and help you build your character!

Currently the game does not support telnet and requires the custom client available on the website.

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Twitter @FarwoodsGame
Grapevine Name FW

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Host: farwoods.net
Port: 7777