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A few notable features:
* Soundpack (available on the Erion MUD website).
* Achievements system.
* 11 primary classes to choose from (Archers, Clerics, Gaians, Illusionists, Mages, Monks, Necromancers, Psionicists, Thieves, Warriors, and Witches.)
* 3 subclasses per primary (Beastmaster, Priest, Herbalist, Battle Mage, Defender, etc.)
* Dozens of races (Elves, Felines, Shades, Vampires, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Fishmen, etc.), and race evolutions!
* Houses based on your favorite style of gamplay (Crafter, Questor, Hack-'n-Slasher, Healer, Explorer, Alchemist, and Player-Killer).
* Crafting system to create customized items.
* Restart command (play as many classes and races as you want without deleting).
* So much more!

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Grapevine Name Erion

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Port: 1234