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Who are the Elvindir...?

Are they a race of benevolent beings, destined to save the world from certain destruction? Or are they the harbingers of that very destruction... the bringers of the end?

There are so many questions about the shrouded Elvindir, and yet so few answers.


Explore the world as a mysterious Elvindir, learning more and more about yourself and your brethren as you travel further and further from the confines of Solgren. This MUD has been developed around these tenets:

- It should provide an immersive experience, whether one is playing alone or with friends.
- MUDs are a lost art and the audience is niche. It should provide unique and interesting features to experienced MUD players, but should be equally welcoming to first-timers.
- Roleplaying is not discouraged, nor is it enforced.
- It should be a safe and welcoming environment for all who play. It should be a place where friendships are made.

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Grapevine Name Elvindir
Server Elvindir

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Host: elvindir.com
Port: 4000