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Elder Tale Online

The world's most popular Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online RPG.

In the wake of the malicious virus known as Pluto's Kiss, the network of computers we humans became dependent on, ceased to function. Trust was broken. As the world's channels of communication and technological infrastructure crumbled around them, humanity cried out for an answer.

After eight painful years, the answer came; ALTIMIT. A revolutionary new Operating System designed to be free of all viruses, ALTIMIT was released to the public with an unprecedented level of success. With the ALTIMIT system, the world could begin again.

Bundled with ALTIMIT was this game: Elder Tale Online, a universe apart from our own. It was created from the remnants of old programs long forgotten, previously small-time games overlooked during the original MMO craze merged with the wildly popular Elder Tale. Those fragments of lost worlds became one-third of the foundation of ALTIMIT's success, and soon, millions of people became engrossed in the world of Elder Tale Online.

And then, hundreds of thousands of people became trapped within that same world, amongst Monsters, Empires, and those original inhabitants known as the 'People of the Land'.

The day it happened would come to be known as the Apocalypse. A new expansion for Elder Tale Online, consisting of data from more long-forgotten games, brought with it terror arnd confusion as the world those people knew abruptly ceased to exist. Locked in this strange new world by unknown means, some began to panic. Some gave in to outrage and confusion, with fear ruling their hearts. Some gave in to their darkest sides, set free to do as they pleased in a world without consequence. Some few, however, chose to bravely take the first steps into a new world, pioneers of a frontier as of yet unimaginable.

This is the story of Elder Tale Online. How will you change the world?

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Elder Tale Online MUSH is an Isekai MUSH within a VRMMORPG setting. It features major themes such as Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, and the .Hack series, and others hidden amongst its expansive lore.

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Server PennMUSH 1.8.8p0

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Host: mush.eldertaleonline.com
Port: 7705