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Welcome to DuneMUD. We are a heavily developed mud based in Frank Herbert's Dune Universe. We feature 10 completely unique guilds, each with their own resource, skill, and advancement systems for you to choose from. Join the noble House Atreides and fight for the honor of your house. Venture out into the desert, brave the terrifying wrath of Shai'Hulud to join the ranks of the reclusive Fremen. Break the greatest taboos of society by taking a Guild ship to IX and joining the Ixian Machine Guild, replacing your body with machine components. Start your adventure today! dunemud.net:6789.

We pride ourselves on our guild/class system. Each class is heavily developed and features its own unique combat and resource systems and many many abilities.

- 10 Classes / Guilds - each with completely unique systems.
- Over 30,000 rooms to explore
- Optional player killing
- Fast and furious combat
- Casino and other mini-games

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Grapevine Name DuneMUD
Server LDMud 3.6.x

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Host: dunemud.net
Port: 6789