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It's a big universe, and there's a lot of time, but it isn't on your side, alien scum. Duke Nukem has been around the block so many times that the block is a charred pile of ash, and his friends in the Earth Defense Force are time traveling with him across the galaxy and through dimensional parallels to fight the Rigelatins and their allies. Duke Nukem's worst enemies have arranged a grand alliance, against the outnumbered forces of humanity, with changes in history and outlandish weapons meeting to produce the battle of titans.

Do you have what it takes to engage in the most insane combat imaginable, manipulating events and forming your own personal units, forming front organizations and seizing plot power for yourself, the player? Do you want a system of completely unique fighting with innovative powerups, a non-competitive skill roll system complete with several systems of advancement throughout the game, and of course, a monitored system of world building, alliances between players, an internal intrigue among the villains that allows for manipulation, fighting, and peace, all through politics? Gadgets, guns, grenades? Time travel, retroactive continuity being thematic, and of course the grand daddy of them all, a frag tag system to hand out Duke Nukem to the most killer player, at shifting intervals?

Time to chug beer, ladies. . We're in alpha phases right now, to test the system integrity. Staff positions always welcome if you want to sign on as a plot staffer, advancement point rewards for bugs and typos spotted. An immersive playworld and a bastardly dastardly arena of fun, from a simple theme expanded into every possible alley of plot and madness.

Duke Nukem: Paradise City.

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Server PennMUSH 1.8.6p0

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Port: 2077