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Dragon's Exodus is an extensive and heavily-modified MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) that has culminated from over 20 years of work and affection. Our extensive, original content and areas are a point of pride, but our real heart lies with our community.

In the world of Dragon's Exodus you'll find friendly, helpful immortals and players. Join our community, meet new friends and take on the dangerous quests of Icaria! The world awaits you.

Choose from 18 races and 14 classes. Play any class on any race you desire with the ability to multiclass at higher levels. Breathe life into whatever you create. There are many great tasks and quests to complete in your search for adventure. But to discover everything you must seek the aid of others; alone, you are sure to fail.

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Grapevine Name DE

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Host: dragons-exodus.net
Port: 1234