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DarkeLIB code from the early 1990s

_-=How to connect and play=-_
You can click on play here

You can use basic telnet client to connect as well as a 3rd party client:

Like these:

Download mudlet

Step 1:
Add in IP
Add in Port 8008

Step 2:
Follow the instructions on how to create a character and begin playing once you connect
Daybreak Ridge Reborn

Want to be able to compete with players higher level than you?
Can a level 10 beat a level 20?
Can a level 20 beat a level 30?
Can I train and be different than someone else in the same class as me?
Can I make traps?
Can I craft Weapons and make them unique?
Can I make Armor and make them unique?
Do you have TUNS of spells?
Do you have TUNS of skills?
Cool Critical Hits?
Multiple Damage types?
Can I explore?
Loot, that is random?
Friendly staff, that takes feedback and implements the changes suggested?

Yes! to all.

If you asked the above questions looking for a yes, then go ahead and start playing. You won't regret it.

Based on the DarkeLIB code featuring multi-level critical attacks, numerous damage types, and 15+ guilds to choose from. With a large list of unique spells, skills, and pets that you can summon based on the guild you join. We have a complete pet system that allows you to equip your pets with the gear you craft.

Features an experience-obtaining system unique to DarkeLIBs, 25+ races to choose from, and the ability to own castles, mines, clans, and inn rooms. Different types of minerals generate different critical attacks.
We have lots of areas, and challenging (but not required) quests, and most of the excellent equipment is player-created such as weapons and armor that players of crafting guilds can enchant and add runes to. We have hidden secret boss monsters that drop random loot tables equal to games like Diablo and POE.

We also have the following:
xterm-256 Color supported
Cross Guild Training
Daily Updates - Live Admins

Grapevine Name DBR

Ways to Connect


Port: 8008