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DragonBall: Infinity started with a simple idea. To take what DragonBall Saga was, improve on it, and keep it running forever. Since 2004 DBI has slowly evolved to become the most complete, longest running, and most advanced DBS codebase in existence. A strong focus on balance, reward for investment, a unique RP lore with some areas built from RP itself, an active community of newbies and oldbies alike, global events such as automated dragonball hunts, supermob releases, double gains/damage/stats, and much much more, DBI is a great place to call home if you're looking to scratch that DB itch.

* Unlimited powerlevel system (No caps)
* Unlimited stat system (Fighting and training increases stats organically)
* 15 playable races (Saiyan, Human, Halfbreed, Icer, Namek, Android, Kaio and more)
* Dynamic Skill Driver (Skills can be created and balanced live)
* Skilltree system (Skills based system, not powerlevel based. Master skills to unlock stronger ones)
* 10+ Planets (Some more developed than others, some unique to DBI)
* Over 20,000 rooms (And expanding!)
* Player Activity Bonus (PAB for short. Triggers random events based on global player activity)
* Global Gains Bonus (GGM. Increased gains the more players are logged in.)
* Split-Form sparring (All alone, or have no friends? Train with yourself! Everyone but Androids :P)
* Comprehensive Helpfiles (Helpfiles have been updated, specifically for new players to guide them on where to go/what to do)
* Automated Events (Automated DB releases, super mob releases, and other various events)
* RP Heavily Encouraged (Lots of rewards for RP, all RPs are recorded for people to read in the future)
* Fair Admins (Slightly biased, but DBI Admins are open to constructive criticism and are open about decisions made)
* And so much more

DBI has a lot to offer. It continues to improve and does so with the support and ideas of its playerbase. Please come and give us a try.

Discord Server Invite Discord
Grapevine Name DBI
Server SmaugFUSS 1.9

Ways to Connect


Port: 4000